Thursday, October 1, 2009

Word on the Street 2009 - Part 10 - Pathfinder Books

This is the other side of the Communist League flyer that was given to me at the Pathfinder Books booth at Word on the Street.

An excerpt:
"The working class needs to answer this war on our class by organizing a revolutionary struggle to take state power out of the hands of the rulers. We must reorganize the economy and all social relations, from top to bottom, in the interests of workers and farmers."
Click to enlarge and read it all.

My interpretation: Let's fire the rulers so we can rule over you. Let's throw out all the laws because our laws are better and we know best. Because Communism has always worked so well for the people.

Note: "All social relations" means they'll even dictate the correct way to conduct your relationships with friends and family.

Word on the Street 2009 - Part 9 - Pathfinder Books

This Communist League flyer was given to me by the folks at the Pathfinder Books booth.

Some of their demands:
"Nationalization of the land and housing stock. This is the only way to guarantee working people inexpensive, attractive, and quality housing without fear of eviction by a landlord or foreclosure by a bank...

"Guaranteed lifetime medical care and retirement pensions for all...

"End all income taxes on workers."
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