Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Islamophobia or Zionphobia at the Pride Parade: either way, it's ugly

Look how this QuAIA person (I believe this is Kathy Wazana) treated this woman in a burka. All because the woman in the burka was carrying a truthful sign about Islamic intolerance. The QuAIA person (Kathy Wazana) was using an expensive camera; she didn't need to get that close. It looks like there's another guy filming up close in the bottom photo.

Once again, breaking their own code of conduct for the Pride Parade. Those guidelines must have just been for show because they didn't seem to follow any of the rules. Except someone obviously ran to get the cops when Meir Weinstein dared to look at them.

It's all about "free speech" and "safe spaces" for the Queers Against Israel until a Zionist shows up.

(Photo credit: a friend. With thanks.)

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My video of QuAIA at the Pride Parade - for the record

(Watch it on YouTube - this Blogger format cuts off part of the image.)

There's a bit of confusion over who was marching where. So you can watch my video and see for yourself. As far as I can tell, the "F*ck the Police" people were mixed right in with the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid people.