Sunday, July 5, 2009

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid - 5

Go here to watch the video on YouTube in which members of "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" march openly in front of an audience of 1 million people, at least 50% of whom had cameras, plus 600,000 television viewers, and call for the violent overthrow and destruction of a democratic country which just so happens to be one of Canada's allies.

They chanted: "Fist by fist, blow by blow, apartheid state has got to go."

At Toronto's Pride Parade 2009.

Update: According to a comment, the chant is: "Brick by brick, wall by wall..."


Bakunin said...

Just to clarify, the chant is Brick by Brick, Wall by Wall, Apartheid states are going to fall!

And they will, friend. They will.

Josephine said...

Thank you for your comment.

If you are working towards the destruction of the state of Israel, then we are not friends and you know it.

Josephine said...

P.S. Too bad you couldn't think of a rhyme for fence because less than 5% of the security measure is a wall: the rest is a fence.

I hope you are also fighting to tear down the wall between Egypt and Gaza.

Flea said...

These folks surely qualify as cognitive dissidents (if you will forgive the pun); a pack of white Marxists and it does not occur them why they could not rustle up any Phakestinians to join their demonstration. Who knows how many of them are even gay?

Josephine said...

It's a great pun, Flea!

A few of my friends were in the crowd and they all said the same thing: everyone was happy and smiling except the anti-Israel group: they were scowling and yelling, "Free, free Palestine!"

If they were objecting to Hamas's treatment of gays in Gaza, or the PLO/Fatah's treatment of gays in the West Bank, and so on, then I could support them. But to complain that gays in other countries (i.e. "Palestinians" who are not citizens of Israel) don't have equal rights with Israeli citizens doesn't make sense. And then to call it "apartheid"? It's not logical and it's not supported by facts.

Up next: Gay elves against Israel in the Santa Claus Parade and gay leprechauns against Israel in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like "Fist by fist, Blow by blow..." to me

Josephine said...

Thanks for your comment, Anon. It sounds like that to my ears, too.