Sunday, August 2, 2009

Toronto Turkish Festival 2009 - 9 of 9

I think this was an Ottoman military band ("Mehteran" according to the schedule).

Those are drummers in the two middle photos. They were amazing. It looked like they were beating on a big box. It sounded great; I just wish the volume had been a bit lower.

(At least I think they were both drumming. Looking at the photos now, it might have been just the one guy who was drumming.)


Toronto realtor said...

Hey, it's a great pleasure to see a Turkish festival in Toronto. Hope you enjoyed it. Getting to know different cultures, ways of life is a joy. Fabulous pictures and atmosphere, by the way. Best, Elli.

Josephine said...

Thanks, Elli!

Yes, I enjoyed it very much. I'd like to go back to the festival next year and spend more time there.