Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mr. Palestine House walked at the front of the parade

Just in case Palestine House claims never to have seen this man (seen here waving both the "Palestinian" and Hezbollah flags simultaneously) before, here he is leading the parade.

In the bottom photo, that's Rafeef Ziadah of Palestine House on the truck leading the chants.

(Click to enlarge.)

Update: Thanks to macondo for pointing out Mr. Palestine House's appearance on this video taken at the January 3rd anti-Israel hate orgy (pay attention at the 1:08 and 2:00 marks). When I saw him on Sunday, I knew he looked familiar. I wonder where else I've seen him?


Not Impressed said...

Pretty creepy how obsessed with this you and your blog buddies are. Your obsession with “radical islam” and scapegoating/demonizing of Arabs and Muslims are reminiscent of Nazi era attitudes toward Jews. You could catch a still of pretty much anyone in a sieg heil position while they’re gesticulating, never mind while they’re waving their arms at a demonstration. Do a Google search and you can find your boy Harper sieg hailing while waving to on-looking automatons.

The JDL and B’nai Brith are notorious for their implanted and masked provocateurs at Palestine related demo’s trying to evoke non-existent Antisemitism (see Zionists killed Michael Jackson or the burqa wearing lady).

You and your cat burning friend really have too much time on your hands and too much hate in your narrow minds.

But congrats to you if you have the objectivity to publish this comment and some pictures of the apparent sieg hailing old man’s face.

Josephine said...

Old men can't admire Hitler?

Old men can't be neo-Nazis?

Old men can't threaten Jews and assorted other Zionists with vivid reminders of the Holocaust?

Non-existent anti-Semitism?

Time to put down the bong, Not Impressed.

Anonymous said...

Not Impressed = Pathetic Apologist

Josephine said...


e.smith said...

IMPLANTED AND MASKED PROVOCATEURS!!! That is so funny--as if there isn't enough hate at those things to imagine that would be necessary!! The truth of the depth of the hatred stands well enough on its' own. I suppose "Not Impressed" feels that the only hate speech spewed was plants of the JDL?? Does the JDL have plants all over the world at every rally that the Muslims participate in? The koolaid is doing its' work. More good work Lumpy--you are really ruffling the Muslim feathers!

Josephine said...

Well said, e.smith. Thanks very much!