Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toronto Coptic Christian Rally - Video - Pt 1


Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Quite a lot of coverage Josephine. Good on ya. Why isn’t the Lame Stream Media covering this at all? Were there even any journos at the rally? Is it a perceived libel chill, or just bad journalism? Either way, it’s your scoop.

Josephine said...

Thanks, Kaffir Kanuck.

I saw several men with professional-looking video cameras but I don't watch the TV news so I don't know about coverage.

I couldn't find anything in today's online Star or Sun.

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

I was relegated to doing the same searches. I’m kinda trapped in Florida for another week, so I too do not have access to Canadian TV. If you’re interested, Moose and Squirrel has been kind enough to post my dispatches covering my training trip so far.

Similar to “Canada, Canada, Wake Up!” posted after this, I mention in one piece how much of a pain it’s become flying because of what Islamic inspired on flight antics have done to the transportation industry. All around us, bit by bit, the soft jihad with MSM collusion has imposed a soma-esque complacency about what we pay attention to and what we’re willing to tolerate, for if one would just replace Muslim with another faith when making concessions, we wouldn’t stand for it; or rather, we wouldn’t have to anyway.

Josephine said...

Good points.

I haven't had a chance to read your posts yet, Kaffir Kanuck, but I will soon.