Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hezbollah flags in Toronto today

Photos used with permission. More here.

Dr. Roy has photos here, including a shot of the gold-on-black Hezbollah flag which was also being waved.

I'll post some of my own photos in a bit.

Update: Welcome, Ghost of a Flea readers. My own photo of the gold-on-black terrorist flag is here.

Update #2: Welcome, Blazing Cat Fur readers. It is so encouraging to have more and more citizen journalists show up to these events to experience first-hand and document what is actually going on in our city and our country.

Update #3: Welcome, readers of Sharpe Stick!


Vardit said...

Fabulous job as always....Let everyone see the s------ who lives here in this city....Hezballah in Toronto a Star of David with a line crossed through it... would have loved to draw a line through her face...:):):)

Josephine said...

Thanks, Vardit!

Oooooh, I think you've just committed a thought pre-crime! Off to the politically-correct dungeon for you!