Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pride Parade Photos - 17


Bob Devine said...

Being a straight old fart I do not imagine I will ever endorse their life style but these photos are the first I have ever seen that shows the gays in a good light at one of these events. I think they more than likely represent what the vast majority of them are like so keep on presenting the good stuff about yourselves.

I witnessed one of their parades years ago in TO and it was nothing like what you portray here. The pornographic content I seen that day would be hard to find on the internet it was so gross. So to the gay people that have a lifestyle close to what I just viewed here good on you!

To the anti-Semitic jerks and the foul gays that I remember from the past... SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

Josephine said...

Thanks, Bob.

This was my second year and most of what I saw was pretty tame. The men from the no underpants group like to walk around with their private parts showing but they're more like nudists at the campground than anything else.