Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hezbollah flag at Gaza Freedom March, Toronto

Note: These video clips were shot at different times during the Gaza Freedom March in Toronto on December 27, 2009. This man was clearly a part of the march. In the last clip, you can see that he ended up fairly close to the front of the march (note his proximity to Mr. Palestine House).

P.S. Did he tell me to "piss off" after I asked him about the flag? I can't quite make it out.



Did Hezbollah kill all those people in Gaza last year or was it the people who wave the Israeli flag?

1440 dead was it? Mainly civilians.

How many will Hez.. I mean Israel slaughter this year, friend?

Josephine said...

Since, based on your profile, one of the many blogs to which you contribute is called, "Viva Che," I'm not too inclined to consider yours a well-reasoned approach.

Nor do I accept that it was mainly civilians who were killed by the Israeli army during Operation Cold Lead: most of the casualties were terrorists.

How many people has Hezbollah slaughtered?

How many rockets have Gazans fired into Israel?

Is the one Jewish nation not justified in defending her civilians against prolonged, sustained enemy fire?

How many times has Israel offered an olive branch and how many times have her enemies spat in her face?

Anonymous said...

Josephine... excellent points. The lefty, terrorist supporters cannot seem to detect the hypocrisy in their arguments. You have a gift for showing them.

Josephine said...

Thank you, Anon.

Josephine said...

Whoops, I just noticed my typo: it's Operation Cast Lead, not Operation Cold Lead. LOL.