Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toronto's no-go zones for Zionists

"Officer! Arrest that Zionist before I get upset!"

There exist in Toronto today legally enforced no-go zones for Zionists.

The location and boundaries of these Zionist-free zones are defined at the whim of anti-Zionists and enforced by police.

As in the old days when whites could force blacks to leave the sidewalk, now Israel-haters can – with the assistance of police and under threat of arrest – force Zionists to move at least 30 metres away in every direction.

I had to be downtown last night, so I decided to check out a candlelight vigil that was being held by (at my count) 29 people in the anti-Israel movement. They carried signs with tiny writing that I think listed the names of 1,417 supposedly innocent Gazans whom they claim were killed during Operation Cast Lead (the numbers and characterization of the dead are disputed by the Israeli government).

It was dull. They stood around with mostly matching signs and didn't say anything.

One young man with a deceptively sweet face called me a racist and followed me around with his camera phone. (That was okay with the police.)

I took a few photos, hoping to capture the different signs and the candles. I chatted with a freelance reporter whom I've seen at other events.

Then a woman approached and stood uncomfortably close to me. I didn't record any of what happened next so the dialogue is reproduced to the best of my ability. At this time, I was standing several feet away from the protesters.

Woman: "Excuse me, there are a number of us who meet here every Friday and we have some rules. We want to know the names of the people who are photographing us and what you're going to use the photos for."

Me: "This is a public place. You are making a public display. I can take photos."

Woman: "No, you can't: you're JDL."

Me: "I am not in the JDL."

Woman: "Whatever."

When I addressed her by her first name, she demanded to know my name.

Woman: "Where did you get my name? Am I on the shit list?"

Me: "The what list?"

Woman: "The JDL has a shit list with everyone's name on it. I'm probably on it."

Me: "What?"

Woman: "The JDL, the Zionists have a list with Richard Gere with a penis."

Me: "With a what?"

Woman: "A picture of Richard Gere with a penis beside him."

Me: "Where have you seen this list? I haven't seen this list."

Woman: "Google it."

(Note: despite her paranoia, there is a much more innocent reason why I know her name and it has nothing to do with a supposed internet list that uses penises as pictographs.)

She was carrying a lit candle (in a glass) and her bag was pressing against my leg.

I told her to back off, step back, and she refused. Based on long-ago experiences with this woman (which she has obviously forgotten but I am sure she has been a raging bitch to so many people that her treatment of me would not stand out in her memory), as well as a recent experience with another aggressive anti-Zionist, I was not about to wait for her to escalate and possibly hurt me with a lit candle, so I looked at the large group of police officers in the street and called to one of them for help.

That's when I learned that my understanding of Canadian law was incorrect. Apparently, there is a law called "Breach of Peace" that can be invoked at the discretion of a police officer. This lesson has been a few months coming for me. I learned in July that threatening to become a suicide bomber so you can blow up a group of mostly Jewish Zionists does not constitute a "Breach of the Peace". And I learned last night that, as a Zionist, standing in the presence of an anti-Zionist does constitute a "Breach of the Peace".

At the same time that I was calling for assistance from the police, someone in the protest was getting a cop to complain about me.

Now, this is rich. Sandra Ruch, of Code Pink, a group which is in the news again for advertising on the Muslim Brotherhood's website and which has such an excellent relationship with Hamas, was "upset" by my presence.

A cop asked to speak to me away from the group and I refused. He told me I was breaching the peace and had to leave. He said I could voluntarily remove myself to a specified distance from the protest: either about 25-30 metres to the right or left or across the street. If I did not go voluntarily, police officers would escort me away. If I refused, I would be arrested.

Here's where I got stuck. I'm sure the cops would say I was stuck on stupid but I would say that I was stuck on my old concept of the law pertaining to actions rather than feelings and on clearly defined Canadian rights and freedoms.

My conversation with the police went something like this.

Yes, I interrupted them repeatedly. Yes, I know that's not the way to have a constructive dialogue. At no time did I swear or scream or threaten anyone. I mostly kept saying, "But I haven't done anything wrong."

After I asked to speak to someone else because he was being rude to me, one cop's face was quivering with anger; he said no, he was in charge, and he told me to "shut your mouth and stop talking" so he could finish what he was saying. I was in shock: here I was, the rule-follower, being threatened with arrest, when I hadn't broken any rules.

I'm paraphrasing again. I'm also combining the two cops because they pretty much repeated the same things and it doesn't matter which one said what.

Cop: "...Breaching the peace..."

Me: "But I haven't done anything wrong."

(Repeat, repeat, repeat.)

Cop: "Your presence here is upsetting to some people..."

Me: "So my presence is upsetting someone and that's against the law?"

Cop: "Yes. It's called Breaching the Peace... You are welcome to stand over there or across the street..."


Me: "I'll stand off the sidewalk, there, on the street." (The area between the protest and the police.)

Cop: "No, you will not... Officers so-and-so, take this woman across the street..."

Me: "It's against the law for me to stand here?"

Cop: "Yes."


Cop: "Your presence here might be a catalyst for something bad to happen. Catalyst, that's a big word."

Me: "I know what catalyst means."

Cop: "No, I was making fun of myself, for knowing such a big word."

Me: "...But I wasn't doing anything wrong..."

Cop: "We're not saying you did... Breach of Peace... Aren't you going to let me finish?"

Me: "No, because you're just going to tell me the same thing..."

Cop: (throwing up his hands and leaving me at the corner) "We're finished here."

Now, throughout this whole thing, a freelance reporter stood nearby with his large camera and no one stopped him from recording anything and no one made him leave. I was threatened with arrest and made to leave because I was identified as a Zionist whose mere presence was so upsetting that I was guilty of a criminal offense.

Did you get that? I think it has finally made its way through my thick skull.

Zionists don't have to do anything wrong to be threatened with arrest for "Breach of Peace".

What had I done? I stood near (but not too close) to a gathering of anti-Israel people. I photographed them as they held their signs and candles on a public sidewalk in a public display of protest which was advertised publicly. I had spoken only when spoken to and then not with any profanity or threats. I did not have any signs, logos, buttons or flags on my person. I did not chant or sing or say anything political. I had called for the police when I felt threatened.

That's why I was like a broken record. I could not understand what I had done wrong until the police made it clear that my very presence was illegal.

It is now illegal in Canada to be a Zionist where anti-Zionists are present.

I would like to be able to tell you the precise location of Toronto's Zionistrein zones but the boundaries are ever-shifting and based entirely on the feelings of anti-Israel activists.

Last night, the one I entered illegally was located in an invisible 30-metre area surrounding the Israeli Consulate. If I understand correctly, that entire area becomes a legally enforced Zionist-free zone for a period of time every Friday evening.

If I were to stand on that area of sidewalk or road today, and behave exactly as I behaved last night, I would not be breaking any laws. I would still be a Zionist but my Zionist presence would not be offending any anti-Zionists.

Zionist face = upsetting to an anti-Zionist = Zionist breaking the law = Zionism is illegal wherever anti-Zionists gather.

If a law-abiding Zionist who has not done anything wrong is legally prevented from being close enough to hear or see an open, public anti-Zionist gathering, does this not mean that Zionism itself has been made illegal in certain places and at certain times in Canada?

Did you hear that? That's the sound of my notion of Canada crashing to the sidewalk at my feet.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...


truepeers said...

A tedious point, but maybe you were outlawed for being (not that you were but this was anticipated) a pushy Jew, and not for being a mere Zionist.

Thanks for taking the time to learn and show us this.

Josephine said...

BCF - Sheesh is right.

Truepeers - I don't know.

Thunderstick said...

OPP I presume. A collective waste of skin judging from all I hear about them. Caledonia, now your incident,and a bunch more if you look back a little. But I guess they keep Dolton McSquinty proud!

Anonymous said...

The time I expected to come has arrived; and the worse is yet to come. Forbidden distance will keep growing to 50m and then 60m and then more.
Photographers need to prepare for themselves astronomy type telescope to photograph any event(that is including government events).
In fact, freedom of learning what is going on will be removed from many countries.
We do have many kinds of slaves in our societies of human rights and free expressions.
The police agents have taken initiation.

Vardit said...

I am left with the impression..( ya think?!!) Toronto has become an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist city. I wonder who the police get their marching orders from? Head of union thugs? The Mayor? These are all thoughts going through my head which as far as I know is not illegal.. yet! Like are the anti-Israel groups in bed with anyone? Is someone paying someone somewhere under the table? Could it be our diversifed city has some cops who are terribly anti-Israel? Just asking - not accusing. Thoughts are just spinning round my head...

Josephine said...

Thunderstick - I don't want to denigrate the police force as a whole. I am sure they were just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and as instructed. I'm not happy about what happened but I don't blame them on a personal level. The trend that you mentioned is not a good one.

Anon - I do believe you are right.

Vardit - As you point out, the concern is not with the men and women on the front lines as much as it is with the people in charge.

kursk said...

Cops are taught from day one that no one can challenge them, over anything.I respect a cops duties, but the vast majority of them come to believe over time that they are omnipotent 24 hrs a day, on or off duty.

I have no doubt that the cop's face was quivering with rage.If it wasn't for the paperwork, they would knock you upside the head for being so uppity.

In my day, it was a quick trip to Cherry Beach for a good beating if you spoke back to a cop, and I hardly consider myself to a rabble rouser.

Josephine said...

kursk - I guess they're like doctors in that way.

The funny thing is that I have a lot of respect for cops. My grandfather was a military police in WWII and my great-grandfather was a Chief of Police in a small town for 25-30 years.

I just got stuck on trying to get them to understand that I hadn't broken any law and had a legal right to be there. It turns out I was wrong.

natasha said...

So much for a living in a free country. And now we have to deal with an anti-Semitic police force.

Josephine -- I used to have great respect for the police. My respect has been waning (for some time) in direct proportion to the increase in these types of incidents where the police take sides instead of remaining neutral. The police, as a whole, are becoming like their counterparts in the UK -- simply protectors of political correctness.

Josephine said...

Much as I hate to admit it, Natasha, my experiences during this past year back up what you've written.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the statement about respect for police waning, in my case due to the events in Caledonia. We respect police because they stand for law and order dispensed in equal measure; if they're not dong that job - for any reason - then why would I grant them the unique respect I once did?
And for the most part, sadly, they are simply trying to make life easy for themselves.

Dave in Guelph said...

"Woman: "The JDL, the Zionists have a list with Richard Gere with a penis."

No, No. That's the kosher October edition of Playgirl your thinking of.

Daniel said...

Give the cops a break. Their priority is to keep the peace. I doubt that they care which side is which. Telling you to back off, even if the anti-Israel protesters are being aggressive, is just a reflection of the usual protocol. For the police, getting into a discussion with you about the law or freedom of speech, and permitting you to challenge their authority and their ability to control the situation, is not consistent with the proper protocol. A free-lance news photographer who has not been identified by the anti-Israel protesters as one of the enemy is not the same as someone they have identified as an opponent.

Vaffanculo said...

Canada is becoming very weird. Its stuff like this that keeps us from going back.

Flea said...

Woman: "The JDL has a shit list with everyone's name on it. I'm probably on it."

This sounded like an anti-Semitic fantasy and sure enough, here it is (or one version of it, at least):

I won't link the sites that link to it. A search for "shit list" suggests Stormfront and other neo-Nazi sites are referencing it. I do not doubt far Left neo-Nazis - perhaps including the woman you quote - also find it convenient to do so.

Flea said...

The next step of Googling found this:

If Wikipedia is to be credited, the list is maintained by a Kahanist group so there may be a relationship between it and the JDL. Of course, the protestor who cited it could have checked for herself to see if her behaviour was sufficiently obnoxious to worth notice.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to suggest that it is now imperative to carry a tape recorder at all times, so that conversations with both police and protesters can be recorded. Ideally, there should be at least three people together at all times in these situations - one with a video camera, one with a still camera, and one to act as the speaking representative.

It's important to get this kind of incident publicized extensively, because if the reciprical were to be true (no-Muslim zones) there'd be such a hue and cry from the CBC, "intelligentsia", and Islamists it would knock the CN Tower from its foundations. The stark contrast between treatment of the two groups begs for exposure to the light of day. (If I had a truly warped sense of humor, I'd suggest going to the HRC over the matter, but that seems to be rather like asking Peter Pan to grow up.......)

The Phantom said...

Josephine, welcome to Canada! Where the cops can do -anything- to you, at all, any time they want.

Really. They can. And, they will.

Just so you know what you're f-ing with, you need to check out what the cops have already done to harmless diabetic fat guy Gary McHale. He's a good example because there's lots of coverage on him in the web.

Tackled by five cops while unarmed and not resisting, AND being videotaped by a whole bunch of cameras, in front of a big crowd of people. Face in dirt, mild lacerations to face and hands. Knee on neck, handcuffed, dragged off and tossed in the pissoire overnight, no phone call, no f- all, -no-charges-laid.

Got that? Attacked, roughed up, jailed, not charged. That was 2006 if memory serves. Peaceful demonstration on a public street, no violence offered, no danger to anyone.

Fast forward to 2010, ZERO successful court action to date on Gary McHale's behalf. He's in court a lot, too. Breaking new ground in Canadian law he is, because since 1867 nobody has taken on the OPP as tenaciously as McHale. He never gives up, but so far he's got bupkis to show for it.

Nada. Zilcho.

So, YOU my dear are frickin' dreaming in Technicolor(tm) if you think the cops are there to protect you. Their sole purpose is to bust your ass if you step out of line. Its a moving line too.

If you are going to frequent these demonstrations, you better understand that the cops can smack you in the freakin' head with a night stick if you piss them off. No warning, BAM in the face. Dental bills and physical therapy for the whiplash. Oh, and it will hurt for a week, and ache for a month. If you're lucky and they don't break a cheek bone anyway. Broken cheekbones can get complicated. Infection, y'know. Oozes for months, then there's the reconstructive surgery to replace the bone that's gone rotten, its nassssty.

I used to have friends in low places, I've seen cops do that kind of thing. With just cause, it should be said. I've also seen the long term results of said injuries. Let me just say, ew.

Never had it done to me, because I say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. Guy says leave, I leave. Quick.

Two pieces of advice. First, if you want to intimidate the anti-Zionist peckerheads, show up with MORE GUYS than what they've got. Like, double. Cops are lazy, they will roust the smallest group unless specifically ordered otherwise.

Second, if all you want is pictures of the demonstrators, get a telephoto lens and take them from across the street. Down the block would be better. From the back window of a van works really well.

If the cops tell you to leave anyway, get badge numbers and COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN to the police services board, in writing, every single time. But -after- you leave. From the comfort of your own home.

Remember, being a martyr for the cause can be extremely PAINFUL, and I should remind you that pain hurts. A lot.

Just some helpful tips from The Phantom, who's been there and seen it before.

Incognito said...

Shameful.. and i don't see it getting any better anywhere.

wondering if you can report the police.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Canada has become a very weird place, I'm not recognizing it myself.
Cops are out to protect themselves first and foremost. Second dealing with the 'public' is something they don't do well in many instances in my experience, and yes, I'm a law biding tax paying person for over 50 years. Now, won't trust a cop to help or in an emergency - do think twice about involving them; or if you do they will or will not enforce the law depending on how that cop 'feels' about it.

Face a minority face -you'll be able to get away with murder here, but as a regular canadian standing up for your rights you're the bad guy. Cops favor the bad guys as they know they'll have to deal with them over and over again as the courts keep letting them not serve sentences the law states.
We annoying tax paying law biding citizens haven't learned our place yet and that's to shut up and do as your told by that angry or useless policeman.

Dave in Guelph said...

I know I made a joke earlier. Just trying to break the tension.

But I do believe you to be a very brave and courageous person for standing up to this encroachment of evil in our everyday lives. To those who would do us harm and sadly those who are supposed to protect us from it.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

You are brave, and I admire you, but this type of thing is inevitable.

Demographics. Demographics. Demographics.

Except for specific neighbourhoods, which will gradually shrink, Toronto will not be a place Jews want to live visibly in a generation, or much sooner.

We can try to fight it, but the numbers don't work, and they know it. That's why they will get ever more aggressive, and the atmosphere will get ever more pro-arab and anti-semitic. That's why pro-Israel voices are not going to receive much sympathy in Toronto and similar locales.

For this we have the Liberal Party of Canada to thank. Are there any self-hating jews still in that cabal?

By the way, the word verification I had to type in for this post was "goredupe". I thought that was pretty hilarious.

Josephine said...

Excellent points, all. You've given me lots to think about. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This really makes me very very angry. If what you described is against the law then it is time for civil disobedience to force the issue.

Cops will take the path of least resistance - the only way in which that will change is through the application of (non violent) resistance, but a force of resistance that will make such a stink that it will force the powers to be to reverse their anti-democratic policies.

What happened here cannot be allowed to stand - this crap can must be de-normalized.

The Phantom said...

Hey Josephine, just want you to keep doing what you do, but don't get smashed up. Tangle with Metro 52 Division and they -will- smash you up, they're world famous for it. You've heard the song "Cherry Beach Express"? Written for the Boys in Blue at 52.

Code Pink are crazies. You handle crazies from a distance. Just publicize what they say and do, while pointing and laughing. That's all you need to do. Cop says move on, just move on. Then post video on the web. Often.

But blur the cop. Cops have friends. Just ask Garry McHale.

Anonymous said...


Then you write a nice letter to the police ombudsman sighting that you weren't doing anything that other citizens weren't doing (eg. the freelance reporter you mentioned) and express concern that the anti-zionists can use the police to attack citizens for what the anti-zionists believe are there political opinions...

Xanthippa said...

That is just WRONG!

Did you, by any chance, get the name of the police officer who oppressed you? Following an illegal order is against the law: any police officer who DOES obey an illegal order IS subject to both criminal and civil charges.

Since - according to the recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling - all bloggers have the same legal protections as 'journalists', the police officer was interfering with a journalist's right to report the event.....and, attempting to arrest a journalist (or a blogger, as per our Supreme Court) for reporting on an event is indeed illegal in Canada! As you reported, the 'other' reporter was left unmolested! You had the SAME rights - as per the recent Supreme Court Ruling!

If you have the name of the officer in charge - or, if you can find it out, do contact your local police department and demand to know what disciplinary actions have been taken (if none - then why, and who made that you could report on it)against that officer.

Yes - I understand. The cop was just 'doing his job'. But, when cops begin to follow illegal orders as 'part of their job', the society WILL break down! It must be stopped, and stopped now. Individual cops who made the wrong call and obeyed illegal order will have to pay the price. It is unfortunate, but necessary!

So - you go!

Don't stop here!

Pursue this to the fullest!

And, of course, report on it in detail!

It is your duty...

Xanthippa said...

A second thought...

I wonder what the police officer's reaction would have been if the protester (as in, yourself, not the Islamis one) had been female and topless....thus announcing herself to be a radical feminist! (Especially in the Canadian winter...that almost makes it worth it!)

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to denigrate the police force as a whole. I am sure they were just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and as instructed."

Josephine - doing there job "to the best of their abilities" was to denigrate your rights as a Canadian citizen. When cops go into a bad situation, they are in my prayers, when they create a bad situation, they are not.

Anonymous said...

Ive watched some Jewish defense groups band together more out of necessity because of indifference from liberal types.It is indeed our right to contact our own govt or intelligence agencies if we think something is wrong.Here a paranoid person is projecting that paranoia onto others.That is dangerous.Thats how it began in germany in the late 1920s.Fear.Once it starts with one particular group,it multiplies to other groups and it is very difficult to stop.
Stay alert Canada,thats all im saying.


Anonymous said...

police who overstep their authority will get hurt. people will only stand for that bs for a very short time. i have seen it happen.

Josephine said...

I really appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If these protesters are stupid enough to support Palestinians the I'd suggest hey need a 30m protection ring provided by the police.

Otherwise they would injure themselves crossing the street or by walking into lamposts.

Anonymous said...

or do what they would do if they felt they hit some police brutality

and send out Press Releases about filing the complaint.

Josephine said...

Fred -- LOL re. the stupids.

The police weren't physical with me in any way and I don't want to file a complaint about what happened.

It appears that, under the law, the right not to have Zionists in one's presence at a public demonstration trumps any and all rights of said Zionist. Legally, it doesn't matter one whit if this Zionist was quiet and well-behaved. My very presence -- because of my political and religious beliefs -- was deemed illegal.

This was done under the "Breach of the Peace" one-size-fits-all umbrella law.

My presence was upsetting to Sandra Ruch of Code Pink, therefore my presence was breaching the peace, therefore I was breaking the law by my presence.

That's why I got stuck on stupid and kept repeating myself to the cops: I couldn't believe it.

It still strikes me as unfair and wrong but I have to accept that those are the laws.

My beliefs -- which are inseparable from my person -- are illegal in some parts of Canada.


Thanks to the people who are all about "free, free Palestine" and "free, free Gaza" and "justice" and "peace".

Jumblerant said...

I guess being a Zionist is not only illegal but somehow a state of being which can be recognized at a glance.

Mind reading or anti-Semitic police?

A sad day for Canada and democracy but keep up the good reporting and keep us informed!!

Anonymous said...

You were obviously breaching the peace and that was your intent.

You should be arrested the next time you decide to bug people who have every right to be left the hell alone by you.

UncleMeat said...

Then you need to organize a weekly protest and move in before the code pink losers show up. Claim your space. The they will be breaching the peace when the harass you. Give it a try but have some video cameras with your group.

kursk said...

Just try asking a cop, any cop, for his badge number.

They won't give it to you.

They may however, smash you in the elbow with a baton for your trouble.

greyone said...

Someone said that the forbidden distance would expand to 50m then 60m and then more. I don't doubt that the restrictions will become greater in other ways if not this. If the distance is so large that no one can read the signs or see the demonstration, then what's the point of having it? And why does the Israeli consulate have to suffer this sort of hate outside their front door?

Balbulican said...

It was a rough week, and we really needed a good chuckle. You provided it. Thanks.

Neo Conservative said...

never mind the scary civil rights implications here... has the police force been lobotomised en masse?

i mean, lemme see if i'm getting this right... toronto cops (likely on overtime paid duty) are getting 6o taxpayer dollars per hour... to babysit the richard gere penis lady?



virgil xenophon said...

The Phantom is correct about the police being lazy and following the path of least resistance. It's the same logic used by the drunk who lost his car keys in the darkened alley but is looking for them under the corner lamp-post "because the light is so much better there." And it is always SAFER from the pov of the police. Honest, law-abiding citizens usually obey and are easy to control and/or bully. Muslims are well known to be prone to violence and the police are, quite frankly, intimidated by them for a number of reasons. First, they figure they don't get paid enough to risk their lives to injury or death and second, they are well aware of the PC semi "protected status" that Muslims enjoy from PC politicians and police commanders who answer to them. This is nothing less than the Stockholm Syndrome writ large. Numbers and intensity count--in fact are everything

Anonymous said...

Were you wearing official JDL gear? That would certainly make the police class you as a provocateur, and not just a bystander as the real journalist was. You are obviously known to the demonstrators and to the police. I don't think a link to a JDL blog as you prominently feature on your main page helps your protestations of being just an innocent bystander much.

Despite your pleas of "just happened by", you were there, and you were stirring up trouble, and the police rightly asked you to move on. Had the situation been reversed, and it was perhaps a Holocaust vigil, I am sure you would appreciate the police requiring the neo nazis to keep their distance. And you know the police would do that in such a situation. I don't agree with the protesters' views, but you are not helping.

You should be fighting real anti-semitism, because it does exit, instead of engaging in this kind of grandstanding which is simply making us all look foolish.

Josephine said...

Anon @ 12:24 - Whoever you paid for your telepathy lessons owes you a full refund. Mind-reading fail.

Anon @ 5:02 - Who is this "us" of which you speak? Reread my blog post and you'll see I've already answered your question. Comparing me to a neo-Nazi = Godwin fail.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "us" of which you speak?
People who support Israel, Jewish or not.

Reread my blog post and you'll see I've already answered your question.
No, you simply said you are not JDL. Your blog links to a JDL blog, so the question remains, were you wearing JDL gear? Obviously the person you were harassing knew you, and probably reads your blog.

Comparing me to a neo-Nazi = Godwin fail.
Godwin does not apply when the discussion is neo-Nazis. If you were a little better at reading comprehension, you would see I was providing an illustration of a Holocaust vigil where neo nazis choose to show up. They do show up and police tell them to move on. Your pretending I am comparing you to neo nazis is ridiculous. Neo nazis breathe air too (unfortunately), does that mean I am comparing you to them because you breathe air too? Get over yourself.

The only comparison I am making is the fact you were harassing people carrying on a vigil. Your self righteous claim you were not is a lie. Get over yourself and your fake outrage, when the reality is you were obviously trying to provoke them. The police saw that and wanted to avoid the people you were harassing giving you a reason to cry martyr. You know you would want the police to keep provocateurs away from you if the situation was reversed. And spare me your nazi baiting when any "look at the reversed situation" comparison is made. My relatives who died in the Holocaust would be livid at your smarmy attitude.

Josephine said...

Anon - Just for you, copied & pasted from my blog post:

"What had I done? I stood near (but not too close) to a gathering of anti-Israel people. I photographed them as they held their signs and candles on a public sidewalk in a public display of protest which was advertised publicly. I had spoken only when spoken to and then not with any profanity or threats. I did not have any signs, logos, buttons or flags on my person. I did not chant or sing or say anything political. I had called for the police when I felt threatened."

Throwing in unprovable and irrelevant claims of having relatives who were Holocaust victims must constitute another kind of fail.

Josephine said...

It's not exactly the same but it might qualify as playing the "shmaltz card".

Anonymous said...

Throwing in unprovable and irrelevant claims of having relatives who were Holocaust victims must constitute another kind of fail.
Attempting to change the channel by first claiming you are being compared to nazis, then sneering at my rebuking you because I mentioned my family is a major fail of your own.

However, it is interesting that you refer to my "unprovable" claims, while you are making a series of unprovable claims that you were just an innocent bystander.

You were harassing those people, who recognized you and your associations, and I wonder why you refuse to admit it.

Skulking around with a camera and posting pictures of these people online is harassment. You are operating an attack blog that borders on being a hate blog and you should be ashamed of yourself. Why not deal with real anti-semitism instead of doing this kind of harassment and baiting?

PaladinPhil said...

Well, this is interesting. I believe I had a run in with some of these people back in 2008. I stopped to take some pictures, just because it humoured me, and was immediately and agressively approached by one of the ladies. She demanded why I was taking the pictures. I was using a crap point and shoot at the time so I told her just personal use. I grabbed a flyer they were giving out to read and moved on. I believe I posted them somewhere on live journal. Can't remember the url for the exact post. I will try to get it when I get home. Keep up the good work Josephine.

BabbaZee said...


BabbaZee said...

Clarification of my scintillating comment: My raspberry was not for Phil... that was for the anonymous babbler above him.

A Bahtwa on it too.

Josephine said...

Phil -- Thanks, I'd like to see the pics.

BabbaZee -- {{Babba}}

BabbaZee said...


Here, have some nice Zionist Occu-Pie I just baked it. it's raspberry!


Josephine said...


tao_taier said...

"Had the situation been reversed, and it was perhaps a Holocaust vigil, I am sure you would appreciate the police requiring the neo nazis to keep their distance. And you know the police would do that in such a situation" ~Anon @ 5:02 PM, (Jan 17th)

Funny how it would be a "neo-nazi" in your suggestion and not a islamist thug who are far more often the culprits as of late. How very PC of you to go out of your way to make a statement like that when there are plenty of on going instances of the latter to be used as a ready example. Especially since it would of fit in with the subject matter and context of what happened... Especially since neo-nazis don't share the same politically correct protections as islamist thugs do...

"You should be fighting real anti-semitism, because it does exit, instead of engaging in this kind of grandstanding which is simply making us all look foolish. ~Anon @ 5:02 PM, (Jan 17th)

"Real anti-semitism" meanwhile your suggested threats are the obvious "neo-nazis" and not the more dangerous types which hide themselves behind such "noble" causes as "free gaza" or Code Pink?* Or the deep recesses of the Liberal Party of Canada. I pretty sure P.E.T hated jews plenty enough to fall into the category.

*"[...] like Curran’s, that attack a supporter of Israel because his great-grandfather was allegedly Jewish, and thus that supporter is disloyal to his own country, is despicable. That’s not a policy disagreement – that’s Jew-hatred. It’s a little bit weird to see it in Canada, and spouted by someone as “normal”** looking as Curran."

"Normal" looking, as in: not your typical skinhead with a swastika tattoo on his forehead.

Which do you perceive to be the greater threat to Semites? The neo-nazis, the islamic thugs or the PC enablers that allow either to trump or trample over the rights of others?

Don't forget Naomi Klein fits in there, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

What I find amusing is the outrage that you TOOK THEIR PICTURES!!!

One might almost think the nice ladies weren't proud of what they are doing.

The Phantom

Anonymous said...

I find it quite deplorable that the cops get away with this type of crap. All too often I have seen, in even other types of situations, where their attitude reeks of "I am the guy with the uniform, the badge, and the gun, and I can if I wish make your life a little more like hell if I so choose to be a dick".
Too often, they seem to harass whom they choose with no accountability.
In this instance, someone being picked on just because they're deemed undesirable by another, is plain wrong

Josephine said...

I still can't quite believe it, gitardood.