Saturday, January 16, 2010

Speaking of Code Pink

This is the brief exchange I had with the approximately three women who carried the Code Pink banner in the Gaza Freedom March on December 27. Added bonus: you can see the guy with the Hezbollah flag at the end.

This is what you hear on the video:

Me: What does that say? Underneath?

Code Pink: The Arabic? I'm not sure.

Me: Oh, okay.

Code Pink: Probably a repeat.

Me: Probably.

(Can you tell from my voice that I was unconvinced? I'd want to know for certain before I marched with something in another language.)


Matthew said...

I can translate it for you:

"Code Pink: Big, fat, humpbacked, hairy lesbians for Allah..."

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Matthew.

Anonymous said...

Boy, the people commenting here are just boiling with hate.

Josephine said...

More like snickering with disdain.

Anonymous said...

Boiling with hate?? I'd say accusing people of being 'hate-mongers' for having a different pov tban yours is more hateful.

Anonymous said...

I see, so when Zionists claim that pro-Palestinian rallies are "hatefests" they aren't doing what you claim but when people on your side call on people to "blow themselves up" or sneeringly refer to people who disagree with them as "Big, fat, humpbacked, hairy lesbians" that's not hateful?

Yeah, right.

Josephine said...

I interpreted it as a joke about whoever it was that wrote the Arabic on the sign.

Anonymous said...

A joke filled with malice and hate.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see malice and hate you need to pay attention to what those idiots are promoting. And for the record--the description is right on:)