Friday, April 2, 2010

"You monkeys!"

One Palestine House guy acts like a monkey and then shouts, "You monkeys!" at the Jewish protesters while another Palestine House guy unzips his pants.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

You gotta chanege the headline Monkey Unzips Pants Recites Koran!

Ms. Doubt49 said...

Even in Israel such behaviour is not seen. Not by the man in the street anyways.... No one unzips pants.. what a moron!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I attended that rally and is actually the guy saying "Stop the Jihad" at the very end. I attended the protest in a blue Conservative t-shirt with HARPER 1 on the back. I also had my American flag with me to show American support for its ally.

The Toronto Star article is worse than something you would read in the National Enquirer. The Israeli people who I had never met before were gracious and polite,unlike the Palestinians on the other side who were slinging racial slurs for the whole hour. How an organization like that can get tax dollars is beyond a tragedy.

Anyway, am I allowed to someone copy this video for myself(for sure)so I can add it to my activist archives.



Josephine said...

BCF -- Your headlines are always better than mine!

Ms. Doubt -- It is shameful that people do such things in Canada today.

Fred -- Well said. I remember your shirt!

Re. the video: anyone can get the embed code from YouTube. I'm pretty sure there's a way for you to download a copy to your computer for your own reference. Please feel free to do so!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those "Palestinians" are simply unbelievable. You can't even make that stuff up. So ignorant and uneducated.

Josephine said...

If we made it up we'd be called Islamophobes and hatemongers.