Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bat Ye'or and Sam Solomon in London, Ontario last night

At the end of the Q&A, Bjorn Larsen of the International Free Press Society asked Sam Solomon, "On the real question everybody burns to ask, do the moderates [Muslims] exist and will they rise up and throw out the bad ones?"

Sam Solomon responded:

"Does a moderate accept that the Jew and the Muslim are equal?

"Does a moderate accept the validity of people to change their religion?

"Would a moderate accept that a man and a woman's testimony is the same and the one and they're equal?

"Would a moderate accept that allegiance is not to a Muslim alone but must be given to whosoever is worthy and that there is no distinction in that?

"Are these the characteristics of the moderate?

"Would a moderate accept that a Muslim woman would be allowed to marry a non-Muslim man?

"Would a moderate accept that the killing of an innocent person cannot be tolerated, must not be tolerated, to discard Islam for other religion or for no religion, must not face punitive punishment?

"Is that the sign of a moderate?

"Produce me a moderate who would issue a fatwa and say these things are valid.

"In fact, you can go on Google and you can Google the Muslim Charter of Understanding, and you'll see we put 10 points at the European Parliament in Strasburg in 2006 and yet we have [yet] to find -- [out of] over a billion Muslims -- one person to sign that charter."

Come out to the Shaarei Tefillah in Toronto tonight and hear these brilliant speakers. You will benefit from the breadth of their knowledge and wisdom and you will also be able to purchase some of their excellent books.

They'll be in Ottawa on Monday.

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NoMoreOntheSidelines said...

Thanks for all the info--I will be there to hear these speakers. The chaos is gathering from all sides--the Muslims, the illegal immigrants in the US opening protesting their rights!!

JayZen said...

I was at the London talk last night and despite the myriad of technical difficulties I really enjoyed the panel speakers.

They opened my eyes to some new ideas and I must say, Sam Solomon is a powerful speaker. It was a worthwhile night.

Josephine said...

NoMore... My pleasure!

JayZen - Agreed!

Anonymous said...

No one has signed the charter? Then what is this referring to?