Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walk With Israel 2010 - Flash Mob of Mockery - Part 1

One cop.

Two cops.

Three cops.

I went on the Walk With Israel on Sunday and saw a mini protest on the way back.

Several men from Neturei Karta, plus a few other men (with keffiyehs), were holding signs outside the Princes Gate. Walkers slowly started to gather to mock, sing and argue. This elderly gentleman was a Holocaust survivor who gave the anti-Israel folks a piece of his mind. You should have seen how quickly the police mobilized to control this flash mob of mockery.

(Note the anti-Israel men with bulging muscles.)

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PaladinPhil said...

Funny how the police feel that a old man is a risk to public safety. The police on Saturday definitely did not show their best side. From what I gather this is now the norm?

Josephine said...

It's complicated, Phil.

Overall, the police did keep the peace, so they did a good job in that respect.

It was strange, though, to see so many massive policemen blocking that small elderly man, as if he was the scary, provocative one.

Where was their rapid response when Ali Mallah crossed the street to confront Blazing Cat Fur?

Why aren't the NK signs considered provocative? The signs and the presence of the anti-Israel folks were certainly causing a fuss. So why weren't they made to leave?

Why did they have freedom of speech but not the elderly Holocaust survivor and the people on his side?

None of it makes sense to me.

Revnant Dream said...

None of it makes sense to me.

Real Bigotry never does. We now live in a World where evil is now protected, while the innocent cry out in persecution.
Morality is a Joke. Moral equivalence now conjoined with Identity Politics is the new whip of government.
Rights have become the treats of a select few. Even God has become mocked. His followers portrayed as Mentally ill, or fools.
All decency has fled this Planet. We live at the hands of Entitled Elitists who have a superiority complex in treaty with Islamic supremacy.
This is just the beginning of a feast of death aimed at any not willing to be a slave to other men.
So many of our leaders are not only conniving in this, but panting after absolute power.

Josephine said...

I fear you are correct, Revnant Dream.