Monday, July 5, 2010

QuAIA signs at yesterday's Pride Parade - 1

CUPE flag

"Corporate greed needs us."

Xtra continues to maintain its journalistic objectivity.

"Elect Chris Moise public school trustee."

Note: These are screen caps from my video.


Chris said...

Hello Josephine,

Just a correction on your post--Chris Moise supporters were not marching with QUAIA but with the Free Speech contingent.

Chris supports free speech but is not associated with QUAIA in any way.


Kelly Foote
Chris Moise Campaign
Toronto Centre-Rosedale, 14
TDSB Trustee Candidate

Josephine said...

Thank you for your comment.

Josephine said...

P.S. Just a question:

Did all the signs, "My Pride Includes Free Speech," say, "P.S. Israeli Apartheid" on the back?

Because if they did, why on earth would anyone think the two groups were separate or didn't agree on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Sign for next year:
Chris Moise For Free Speech of Leftwing Union Archivists and Not Anyone Else!!!

On the back:
PS: We're Hypocrites!! Yay!

Optional T-shirt:
We're NOT with QuAIA

Back of T-shirt:
Just kidding!!!

Josephine said...

LOL, Anon, but did you mean to type "archivists"?

If I have to boycott archives now, that's going to be a tough call for me.

; )

Anonymous said...

Ooopsy daisies... I meant "activists". I love "archivists"!

Josephine said...

LOL, phew!