Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Al-Quds Protest, Queen's Park, Toronto, 2009 - Video - Part 8

This video is a bit shaky at the beginning. I had left the crowd to take photos and get a good spot for taping as the people started on their march. For some reason, I thought they were going to start marching after Khaled Mouammar finished his speech.

But another man took the stand and started reading from a list of demands, so I turned my camera back on midway through his first demand. The most notable was #3: a condemnation of Prime Minister Harper's government for assigning a terrorist designation to Hamas and Hezbollah. The balding man in the crowd who boos this designation and shakes his finger against the government is the same man who demanded to know my name and affiliation (update: Ali Mallah, vice president of the Canadian Arab Federation). Sure, I'll give my name to a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah; what could possibly go wrong?

The speaker told everyone to walk together and walk slowly to make it look like they were a bigger crowd and then they all started on their way. I taped part of the beginning of their march and then my camera's back-up battery died.

This is my final Al Quds Day protest video. I'll start on the Jesus in the City video tomorrow.

Al-Quds Protest, Queen's Park, Toronto, 2009 - Video - Part 7

This video shows the first part of a speech by Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation.

The back-up battery on my video camera was dying; I turned it off before he finished speaking because I hoped to have enough juice left to photograph the people as they marched.

There's one more video to come.