Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michael Coren at York University

Some friends and I went to York University last night to hear Michael Coren speak about Israel.  Coren was fantastic! 

As Coren spoke, York student Jesse Zimmerman, who is often seen at anti-Israel events in Toronto,  could be heard interjecting unintelligible sounds and words such as "Palestine!" from the back of the room.  He started out not too loud and gradually gained in volume.  At one point, Coren asked if everything was alright up there; I don't think Zimmerman responded with much, if anything.

But when Coren defined and denounced "filthy antisemites," Zimmerman stormed to the microphone and called Coren a "piece of sh**".   He shouted a few times, "You just called me an antisemite," demanded to debate Coren and refused to engage in respectful dialogue until security hustled him out of there.

Coren was obviously devastated:

Michael Coren has a blog post up about last night.   He's got a link to video but I can't access it for some reason.  Blazing Cat Fur remembers my previous encounters with Zimmerman and friends.

Update #1:  I think this might be the York University Pledge to Respectful Dialogue (it might not be official policy right now):

Update #2: Welcome, readers of Blazing Cat Fur!