Sunday, April 4, 2010

Protest Against Palestine House - April 2/10 - Wrap-up

Photos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Part 1: "We love jihad. We love killing you... We love killing dogs."

Part 2: "You f*ckers need another Holocaust"
Part 3: "You monkeys!"

Part 4: Throwing coins at Jews

Part 5: I guess it's not gonna stop, then

Part 6: Disrespecting our national anthem

Part 7: "You need another Holocaust. You'd love it. I know you would love it."

Part 8: "Go steal something... You guys are all thieves."

Part 9: Yids on Wheels
Part 10: Sexually aggressive body language

Part 11: "You're not Canadian, you're Indian, you're brown."

"You're not Canadian, you're Indian, you're brown."

Scenes from both sides of the street including:

Protester: "Teach your children love, not hate."

Palestine House Guy: "Fat ass!"

And in response to the singing of O Canada:

Palestine House Guy: "You're not Canadian, you're Indian, you're brown. You're Indian, you're Indian."

Sexually aggressive body language

I was shocked by the sexually menacing behaviour exhibited by some of the Palestine House men.

(This video has no audio and is in slow-mo for ease of viewing.)