Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coptic Christian Rally - Video by "Chatillon"


This video was done by my friend, "Chatillon", who gave me permission to post it here.

Canada, Canada, Wake Up!

"Canada, Canada, Wake Up!" was the cry I heard most often at yesterday's Coptic Christian march through downtown Toronto. Their voices raw and sometimes desperate, the marchers cried out to Canada, their beacon of hope and democracy, to put an end to Islamic terrorism and save their fellow Copts in Egypt.

Their message was simple and blunt and absolutely not politically correct: "Islamic terrorists must be stopped!" "No more Christian blood!" "Why, why, must we die?" "No, no Islam by force!"

This is the difference between Canadians who have lived comfortable lives free of Islamic repression and those who have experienced it first-hand in their home countries: we pussy-foot around and are oh-so-careful not to offend anyone's feelings or, heaven forbid, cause an argument, whereas they will openly name the problem and call for a solution.

Despite the extremely cold weather, thousands of Coptic Christians gathered at Dundas Square, then marched to Nathan Phillips Square and on to Queen's Park. Their signs were varied; each carried a powerful message. The impetus for the rally was the recent escalation of violence against Copts by Muslims in Egypt but their signs and chants highlighted 1,440 years of Islamic violence.

A large statue of Winston Churchill seemed to watch the crowd at Nathan Phillips Square. I wonder what Churchill would say about our current state of affairs.

I chatted with several marchers; each was surprised to learn that I was aware of what is happening to Christians in Egypt and other Muslim countries throughout the world.

One man told me that he came to Canada to escape Muslim persecution, "but now they're here; there are many of them and what will happen?"

He suggested that Canada translate and analyze the Koran. "It should take two days," he said. "If it is peaceful, good. If it is not, do something. "

Canada, Canada, wake up!

A Syrian Christian woman told me, "I'm sorry, but white people have to wake up."

She said that, when she was in Syria, Christian women couldn't go out after dark because Muslim men would grab and pinch them, yell and spit at them, and sometimes throw acid at them.

In the past hundred years, a number of her family members have been murdered by Muslims in Turkey and Armenia.

Now, with so many Muslims in Toronto, she has to deal with them as part of her job. When her ignorant Canadian boss told her she had to be nice to them, she said she would be polite but he couldn't make her like them.

She said Muslims will be pleasant and get along when they are a minority but, when there are enough of them in the country, they will become forceful and insist on Sharia law.

With the ever-increasing number of Muslim immigrants to Canada, she said, it won't take that long: in "24 years" our society will be at risk because Muslims have several children and Christians have only two or three.

Is that a "nice" thing to say about Muslims? Probably not. Is it something you are likely to hear from innocent Canadians who can honestly say that, "Everything I know about Islam I learned from the Toronto Star"? No.

But it is what you will hear, time and time again, from those who have experienced, and suffered at the hands of, Islamic supremacy.

Canada, Canada, wake up!

Another man talked about the many Somalian Muslims he has known who laugh at us because of how easy our welfare system makes it to support multiple wives and children. He said a lot of them take our welfare money and send it back home to fund the jihad in Somalia.

The man standing next to him mentioned the life-long residents of Lebanon who used their dual Canadian citizenship as a free get-out-of-war card a few years ago and then, when it was safe, went back to Lebanon. He said they, too, collected welfare while they were here.

Canada has changed irrevocably. Easy air travel, lax immigration and security systems, cushy welfare and freebies for "new Canadians", and an ongoing massive influx of people from repressive, sometimes backwards countries – many of them Muslim-majority countries ruled by Sharia law – has brought ancient conflicts into our formerly safe, comfortable existence.

What are we going to do about it?

Canada, Canada, wake up!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

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