Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nazi salutes at the Gaza Freedom March

Read what the stick says in the second photo from the top: Palestine House.

Gee, maybe it's time someone started looking into whether or not Palestine House receives government funding.

If you look at the bottom two photos here, you will see that these sieg-heilers were standing directly across from the (mostly Jewish) pro-Israel counter-protesters.

(Photo Credit: A friend.)

Update: Blazing Cat Fur has info on Palestine House's substantial government funding, plus a photo of the same man waving both the "Palestinian" flag and the Hezbollah flag at the same time.

Nasrallah on his scarf

What's that on his necklace?

Does Peggy Nash know she was so ably represented?

Sartorial splendor

Moths to a flame

Like moths to a flame, some of the Israel-haters felt compelled to get as close as possible to the Zionists.

This month's Gaza Book Club selection

Reading faces, reading signs

Sign of the times