Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Islamophobia or Zionphobia at the Pride Parade: either way, it's ugly

Look how this QuAIA person (I believe this is Kathy Wazana) treated this woman in a burka. All because the woman in the burka was carrying a truthful sign about Islamic intolerance. The QuAIA person (Kathy Wazana) was using an expensive camera; she didn't need to get that close. It looks like there's another guy filming up close in the bottom photo.

Once again, breaking their own code of conduct for the Pride Parade. Those guidelines must have just been for show because they didn't seem to follow any of the rules. Except someone obviously ran to get the cops when Meir Weinstein dared to look at them.

It's all about "free speech" and "safe spaces" for the Queers Against Israel until a Zionist shows up.

(Photo credit: a friend. With thanks.)

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Brave Burqa Babe!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't you just hate pushy people with cameras?

Josephine said...

BCF - Yes, indeed.

Anon - I have NEVER gotten that close to anyone to photograph them. Nor have I leaned into anyone.

Anonymous said...

Intimidation at it's finest. Thanks QuAIA for proving everyone's point about your total hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Do you think QuAIA instructed their mindless followers NOT to wear neo-nazi garb this year??

It seemed as though the nazi's from last year were absent (in your pictures that is).

Anonymous said...

There were no Nazis there last year. There was a guy wearing an anti-Nazi t-shirt which had a CROSSED OUT swastika.

Even Martin Gladstone, who propagated the "nazi" lie for months, has relented and admitted the t-shirt had a crossed out swastika ie was an anti-fascist symbol.

Allah Fubar said...

You horrible infidels, durka durka, your intolerable intolerance of intolerant tolerators, durka durka, will bring the wrath of the Gayatollah down upon your heads and your fake furka burkas will not save you.
Kissy kissy,

Allah Fubar

scaramouche said...

A marcher claims: "The presence of the Jewish Defense League in the parade with their references to queers as "Sodomite Communists" created an unsafe environment for me."

Anonymous said...

The claim made by a marcher that the JDL referred to queers as sodomites is false. Go to the link provided by the commenter in xtra.

I have to laugh everytime I hear one of these idiots refer to "safe spaces" or environments. If they don't feel safe here, they can always go to Gaza to be with the people they so lovingly defend.

Josephine said...

That's too funny: they obviously did a bad job of copying and pasting something from somewhere else (a Google search shows it was taken from a Blazing Cat Fur post).

But, of course, the person commenting at xtra doesn't care about facts: he'll fling the mud and hope that some of it sticks.

roflsauras said...

That woman followed everyone that came near their group with a camera in their face- it was quite funny watching her actually!

Josephine said...

roflsauras -- Sounds like you had a good vantage point.