Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My video of QuAIA at the Pride Parade - for the record

(Watch it on YouTube - this Blogger format cuts off part of the image.)

There's a bit of confusion over who was marching where. So you can watch my video and see for yourself. As far as I can tell, the "F*ck the Police" people were mixed right in with the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid people.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Yup they assembled with the QuAIA folks as well, that's where I saw them. PS Nice attempt by that goof to block you with his sign, what a dolt.

Voltaire's Ghost said...

The anti-Israel gang don't seem to be having much fun. They all look pretty miserable.

The Kulanu group seemed to be happy.

Probably says something about the people involved with those respective groups.

Josephine said...

BCF - Thanks.

VG - I agree.

anglicansamizdat said...

I was dithering between concluding that QuAIA are malicious or just not very bright.

I've settled on the latter.

Josephine said...

anglicansamizdat: I'd say both.

sanwin said...

Good job Josephine.

I just didn't have the intestinal fortitude to patronize the sodomy festival.

Thank you for suffering on our behalf.

Josephine said...

Thanks, sanwin.

The folks in Kulanu Toronto whom I've met are all really nice, bright, respectable professionals or students.

I didn't see anything awful at the parade. A couple of guys from the no underpants group with their willies hanging out as if it's a big deal. Buddies, I can understand the thrill if you were four years old and just discovering your wee-wees, but aren't you used to them yet? Sheesh.

Oh, there was one display during the parade that I didn't like. I think one person was dressed like a cop and I can't remember what they were doing but I remember feeling disgusted.

The unpleasant part was videotaping the Queers Against Israel.

I did suffer from the heat, though, and my back, legs and feet were killing me for a couple of days. My sunscreen did the trick and I wasn't sunburned.

Jeff Fisher said...

I'm sure you won't post this. I was impressed until your idiotic homophobic comments started to fly. Idiots!

Josephine said...

What homophobic comments are you referring to, Jeff Fisher? I most certainly haven't made any.